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Corky & Lenny’s Salmonella Lawsuits and Litigation

A Cuyahoga County Health Department investigation revealed that twenty-one customers who had eaten at Corky & Lenny’s Restaurant in Woodmere, near Cleveland, Ohio, between January 29 and February 10, 2006, were hospitalized with Salmonella infections. At least twenty individuals were confirmed ill with Salmonellosis, and 61 probable cases were reported to the health department. Corky & Lenny’s closed on February 10th, and reopened on February 17th, after it had been deemed safe by the health department.

The Salmonella attorneys at Marler Clark filed suit on behalf of a Cleveland-area woman who contracted a Salmonella infection after consuming food from Corky and Lenny’s. The firm resolved the claims of 15 restaurant patrons, most of whom were hospitalized as a result of their Salmonella infections.

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