Salmonella Litigation

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Del Monte Fresh Produce Cantaloupe Salmonella Lawsuits

Marler Clark brought legal action on behalf of a victim of a 2011 Salmonella outbreak traced to cantaloupes imported by Gables, Florida-based Del Monte Fresh, which recalled 4,992 cartons of cantaloupe after learning of the cantaloupe’s link to the Salmonella outbreak.

On March 24, 2011 Marler Clark called on Del Monte to pay for its victims’ medical expenses.

The Marler Clark Salmonella lawyers represented a Colorado family whose 12-year-old daughter was hospitalized after eating Salmonella-contaminated Del Monte brand cantaloupe. On March 31, 2011 the family filed a Salmonella lawsuit against Del Monte in Colorado.  The child’s claim was resolved in March of 2012 for an undisclosed sum.