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Firefly Restaurant Salmonella Lawsuit & Litigation

Marler Clark represents over 130 people believed to have been part of a Salmonella outbreak traced to Firefly on Paradise, a Las Vegas restaurant that was the source of a 300-person Salmonella outbreak in late April, 2013. 

According to the Southern Nevada Health District (SNHD), Firefly on Paradise was cited for 40 health violations during an inspection following the Salmonella outbreak discovery.  Its sister restaurant, Dragonfly, was also cited for dozens of health violations.  The restaurants later closed, and a report by the SNHD indicated that a food worker who was sick with Salmonella was the source of the Salmonella outbreak. 

Among those sickened with Salmonella were 73 confirmed and 221 probable cases from 27 states and 2 foreign countries (Canada and the United Kingdom).


Las Vegas Couple Sues Firefly Restaurant Over Salmonella