Salmonella Litigation

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Linh’s Bakery Salmonella Lawsuits and Litigation

In 2001, nearly 250 people became ill with Salmonella infections after eating foods prepared at Linh’s Bakery.  The Henrico County Health Department and Virginia Department of Health investigated the Salmonella outbreak, which occurred just outside of Richmond, Virginia.

Tests revealed that all opened sandwich ingredients were contaminated with Salmonella enteritidis.  In addition, Salmonella enteritidis was found throughout the deli’s kitchen - on the sandwich preparation area, a large cutting board near the sandwich preparation area, and on several surfaces in the cake preparation area.  Three of the four restaurant workers tested positive for S. enteritidis, although only two complained of any symptoms consistent with infection.

In its final report, VDOH concluded:

This large S. enteritidis outbreak was due to a contaminated egg or eggs used to make an uncooked sandwich spread . . . The preparation method of the sandwiches allowed ample opportunity for cross-contamination of all items on the sandwich preparation area . . . In addition, contamination spread to environmental surfaces, including the cake decorating area in the backroom. 

Marler Clark represented several victims of the Salmonella outbreak.  The claims were resolved in mid-2002.