Salmonella Litigation

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Sunset House Salmonella Claims

In 2003, a Salmonella outbreak investigated by the Wyoming Department of Health (WDH), was determined to have originated at the Sunset House restaurant in Cody, Wyoming.  WDH investigators identified 39 individuals who tested positive for Salmonella infection, and an additional 16 additional Sunset House patrons who exhibited symptoms of Salmonella infection.

Epidemiologic and laboratory analyses conducted by WDH indicated that canned mushrooms were the likely vehicle of transmission of Salmonella, although other food items may have been contaminated.  Through its analysis, WDH concluded that the mushrooms were not contaminated during production, but that the canned mushrooms became contaminated with Salmonella through food-handling practices at the Sunset House restaurant. 

Marler Clark’s Salmonella lawyers represented several individuals who became ill with Salmonella in claims against the Sunset House restaurant.