Salmonella Litigation

A resource for Salmonella Outbreak Legal Cases sponsored by Marler Clark

The Salmonella lawyers at Marler Clark developed this site to keep our clients up-to-date on current litigation being prosecuted by Marler Clark throughout the United States. The site is also a resource for Marler Clark co-counsel in Salmonella cases, print and broadcast media who are working on stories about Salmonella outbreaks and outbreak-related lawsuits, and potential clients who are researching Marler Clark in anticipation of filing a Salmonella claim.

Marler Clark Current Case Updates

Salmonella litigation is currently taking place in several states.

  • Firefly Restaurant Salmonella Lawsuit & Litigation

    Marler Clark represents over 130 people believed to have been part of a Salmonella outbreak traced to Firefly on Paradise, a Las Vegas restaurant that was the source of a 300-person Salmonella outbreak in late April, 2013.  The law firm filed a lawsuit on behalf of a Las Vegas couple on May 3, 2013.

  • Holiday Inn Bordeaux - Fayetteville Salmonella Lawsuit & Litigation

    Marler Clark filed 2 Salmonella lawsuits against the Holiday Inn Bordeaux in Fayetteville, NC on May 28, 2013 and a third on June 5, 2013.  The lawsuits were filed on behalf of women who became ill with Salmonella infections after eating at the Holiday Inn Bordeaux between May 1 and May 20, 2013. 

  • Iguana Joe’s Restaurant Salmonella Lawsuit

    Marler Clark has filed a lawsuit on behalf of 10 victims of a Salmonella outbreak traced to the Humble, Texas Iguana Joe’s restaurant.

  • Ike’s Restaurant, Jouni Meat, and Gab Halal Foods Salmonella Lawsuit

    On February 11, 2013, Marler Clark filed the first Salmonella lawsuit associated with an outbreak traced to ground beef produced by Jouni Meat and Gab Halal Foods of Macomb County, Michigan.  The lawsuit was filed on behalf of 2 sisters who ate raw kibbeh purchased from Ike’s Restaurant and became ill with Salmonella infections.  The sisters were 2 of 22 people from Michigan, Arizona, Illinois, Iowa, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin who became ill with Salmonella infections after eating the ground beef.

  • Moon Marine USA Nakaochi (tuna) Scrape, Sushi Salmonella Lawsuits

    Marler Clark is representing victims of a 2012 nationwide Salmonella outbreak linked to Nakaochi Scrape - also known as tuna scrape - a yellowfin tuna product.  At least 390 people became ill with Salmonella infections after eating contaminated sushi, ceviche, or other yellowfin tuna products made with the tuna scrape between January and June of 2012.  The firm has resolved several claims.

  • On the Border Mexican Restaurant Salmonella Lawsuits

    Marler Clark represents over a dozen clients in litigation resulting from a 2012 Salmonella outbreak at the On the Border Mexican restaurant in Vancouver, WA.  The firm has filed 3 lawsuits against the restaurant.  Mediation of all clients’ Salmonella claims is pending.

  • Smiling Hara Tempeh Salmonella Outbreak Litigiation

    Marler Clark Salmonella attorneys are representing victims of a Salmonella paratyphi B outbreak linked to the soy product tempeh. The law firm has filed 2 Salmonella lawsuits on behalf of victims of the tempeh outbreak.

  • Taco Bell Salmonella Outbreak Lawsuits and Litigation

    Parallel outbreaks of Salmonella Hartford and Salmonella Baildon that sickened at least 155 people in 21 states were linked to Taco Bell in 2010.  Marler Clark is pursuing Salmonella claims against Yum! Brands/Taco Bell on behalf of 2 victims of the outbreak.  The law firm has resolved the claims of several Salmonella outbreak victims.  Only one case remains in litigation.

  • Toast of Dilworth Salmonella Outbreak Lawsuits

    Attorneys at Marler Clark, The Food Safety Law Firm are representing multiple victims of a 2012 Salmonella outbreak linked to Toast Cafe of Dilworth, a North Carolina restaurant chain.  Marler Clark represents multiple people who became ill with Salmonella during the outbreak in lawsuits against Toast of Dilworth.