Salmonella Litigation

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ConAgra Pot Pie Salmonella Lawsuits

Marler Clark filed six Salmonella lawsuits against ConAgra, the company whose Banquet and store-brand chicken and turkey pot pies were identified as the source of a nationwide Salmonella outbreak. Three of the lawsuits were filed in Washington State, while the other three were filed in Minnesota, Michigan, and Nebraska.

In the face of criticism and litigation, ConAgra recalled all poultry pot pies produced in its Missouri plant.  The company has since reopened its facility for processing Banquet pot pies and began shipping the products to stores for sale in January, 2008. 

In its final report, CDC determined that 401 people were sickened by the outbreak in 41 states.  Marler Clark’s Salmonella lawyers resolved more than 30 cases on behalf of victims.

Marler Clark files Salmonella lawsuit on behalf of child sickened after eating pot pie
Marler Clark files second lawsuit against ConAgra on behalf of victim of Salmonella outbreak traced to Banquet pot pies
Marler Clark files fifth lawsuit against ConAgra on behalf of man who ate contaminated Banquet pot pies
Seattle law firm files sixth lawsuit against ConAgra over Salmonella-tainted pot pies

You can read more about the ConAgra pot pie Salmonella outbreak at the Marler Clark-sponsored Web site about Salmonella.